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The Right Choice - Every Time

Tyreright Project Snapshot

Tyreright is a national network of independent tyre stores in Australia that strives to empower its customers to make the right choice when buying tires, by providing them with the right advice and the right service. The goal of Tyreright’s website was to make the process of selecting tyres and buying them much simpler for customers.

  • Sitecore CMS 6.5
  • Sitecore eCommerce
  • Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS)
  • ERP Integration
Tyreright Website Responsive Showcase


Tyreright needed to be able to sell tyres to customers online and they wanted to be the first.

Tyres are generally a grudge purchase and the existing Tyreright website had never ventured near selling online. They needed a new solution that would inform and empower their customers, encourage them to complete their transaction and book a fitting online.

With such a broad audience (anyone with a car) it was essential that Tyreright overcame accessibility issues and delivered an online transaction into an offline action (i.e. putting the tyres on the vehicle) as smoothly as possible - otherwise customers would never do it again.

Tyreright Website on Sitecore Tyreright Website on Sitecore

As the first online retailer of tyres in Australia, Tyreright needed a scalable platform that worked flawlessly.

Working on the Sitecore platform enabled us to deliver a bulletproof solution within time and to budget. This enabled Tyreright to deliver a truly exceptional experience to customers both on and offline.

In taking a dedicated mobile strategy to market, Tyreright have also been able to provide customers with the convenience of selecting their purchase online and booking in a fitment from their smartphone.

More recently this has resulted in considerable traction on social media, with the website becoming the central hub for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Multiple Sitecore Awards for Tyreright in 2012 and 2013

“We’re really proud of the site we’ve launched with Sitecore and Switch , but we also know that this is just the first step in a journey. We’re excited about our plans for the future as we develop a more complete mobile integration, real-time stock management at the store level, smarter tire search and selection tools and even more custom content for our growing number of user profiles.”

Dominic Byrne, Chief Digital Officer, Tyres4U

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