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Leading Innovation

Toshiba Project Snapshot

Toshiba (Australia) combines a range of products and services across organisational divisions to deliver the best customer experiences for information systems, electronic imaging and corporate solutions. By introducing new streamlined business process and smarter platforms, Toshiba (Australia) Electronic Imaging Division (EID) is using technology in a way that optimises their business and marketing to create the best possible online customer experience.

With the tagline “leading Innovation”, Toshiba manufacturer some of the most technologically advanced product globally.

  • Sitecore XP
  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Sitecore Commerce
  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Integration
Toshiba Website Responsive Showcase


Toshiba is a global leader in technology and needed to transform its online presence to empower its customers.

Toshiba were challenged by their online presence that had not evolved in several years and as a result, the customer experience was not ideal. Further to this, the website was not responsive, lacked integration with internal systems, did not capture useful data / analytics, was not personalised and did not provide any marketing automation.

Toshiba Responsive Website on Sitecore Toshiba on Sitecore


Undertaking a digital transformation and streamlined business processes to deliver a smarter platform.

However, achieving digital transformation internally was not achievable for Toshiba, the solution was to approach an external partner to manage the project, lead the IA, UX and ID as well as the Sitecore development, Sitecore Commerce, SharePoint and Oracle EBS integration.

Switch were selected as the implementation partner based on our multi-award winning work that has delivered success for customers across a range of verticals.

Our team worked with Toshiba through a blend of waterfall and agile project management methodology to deliver the project from design, through to build and into development / integration and including post launch support services.

Toshiba Drivers for Change

  • Customer Centricity & Experience

    Toshiba needed to deliver an experience that adequately supported their customers and build upon strong partnerships. With Sitecore tools that personalise and drive stronger engagement, Toshiba would be capable of delivering success for their customers and themselves to meet competitive market challenges.

    We have worked with Toshiba to customise content and functionality - ensuring that what a customer needs is at their fingertips across desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Systems Integration

    The integration of Sitecore with systems, including SharePoint, Oracle and Sitecore Commerce, combined with the personalisation capabilities, Toshiba (Australia) can now ensure that the right information gets to the right customer at the right time with the least amount of effort.

    With detailed data and business process mapping across internal and external applications, we have implemented a level of system integration, which aligns internal workflows for product marketing, and customer service. This has resulted in considerable efficiencies and increases in productivity for the Toshiba team.

Toshiba have seen the deployment of features that not only drive their customers experience further but also deliver real efficiency to the business. This has been achieved through:

Customer Portal We are delivering a personalised experience to B2B customers based around five personas ensuring quick and easy access to tailored information.

Sitecore Commerce Manages complex relationships between thousands of products, content, drivers, firmware and accessories.

SharePoint Integration Incorporating information from SharePoint has seen the product catalogue in Sitecore Commerce deliver true value for B2B customers.


Switch has established a digital platform for Toshiba to build progressively towards digital maturity.

By implementing the Sitecore Experience Platform, Toshiba are now equipped with the world's most powerful marketing suite and have raised the bar in customer experience across their industry.

“Switch demonstrated an excellent technical aptitude to deal with complex system integration in combination with next generation Customer Experience Management.

With our newly integrated website, we have created greater alignment with product development and marketing communication teams so our customers and partners have personalised access to product and service information.

Our Electronic Imaging Division now has the world's leading Customer Experience Platform and are collaborating with Switch to create value back to the business, utilising tools that will set the highest standard for digital maturity across the industry.”

Karen Kent, National IT Manager, Toshiba (Australia)

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