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Frasers Property Australia Snapshot

Frasers Property Australia is one of Australia's leading diversified property groups, with a rich heritage dating from 1924.

Frasers Property Australia develops residential land, housing, and apartments and has delivered over 140,000 homes during their legacy. The company also develops build-to-rent, commercial, retail, and mixed-use properties, and their activities also encompass the ownership and management of investment property, incorporating property and asset management services.

Frasers Property engaged with Switch to rebuild their corporate website and provide personalised, community-focused experiences that bring to life what it means to belong to the Frasers Property community.

  • Sitecore XP
  • Cloud Hosting (Azure PaaS)
  • Design - Information Architecture (IA), Customer Experience (CX)
  • Azure Search
  • Multi - tenancy Properties
  • Property Search
  • Sitewide Search
  • Award Winning Digital Transformation
Frasers Property Australia Website Responsive Showcase

Customer Success


Create a smart, tailored customer experience

Frasers Property Australia engaged with Switch as their business had evolved and recognised the need for a new approach to their digital presence. To not only meet the expectations of their evolving customer needs but to accommodate their new business strategies.

Frasers Property required a holistic design and functionality approach for their new website to reflect who they were as a business, to build a cohesive digital experience across their business units and to showcase their new business direction and brand story.

Visit the Frasers Property Australia website

Frasers Property Australia Website Responsive Showcase

Frasers Property Australia Website Responsive Showcase


Deliver component-led design for full scalability and flexibility using Sitecore

Through in-depth qualitative research with Frasers Property Australia, their customers and stakeholders we produced key goals at the core of Frasers Property digital evolution.

Convey Frasers Property brand story and capabilities - modernise the overall look and feel of the site, establish trust with the Frasers Property brand and showcase the bespoke nature and wide breadth of quality projects.

Build smart, tailored experiences - catering to a broad customer base with various needs and wants by providing a highly engaging and personalised experience utilising key insights to deliver value-added functionality, creative templates and design solutions.

Create a strong sense of community - foster long-lasting relationships with the diverse range of customer segments who together make up the core of Frasers Property's mission to create stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods.

Utilising Sitecore's XP solution coupled with a component-led design approach for full scalability and content flexibility we were able to create an enhanced user experience. To further cater to the Australian market, the existing digital style guidelines were localised.

Underpinning the transformation was the implementation of key functionality such as a site-wide and advanced search tool that streamlined the navigation and connected users directly to the extensive property listings. Additionally, a mega menu was included, allowing users to easily identify where to find what they were looking for, and intelligent design templates enabled Frasers Property Australia team to deliver content at speed.

This solution enabled an intelligent, personalised and optimised user experience.

Visit the Frasers Property Australia website

Key features include:

  • Categorised Property Listing
    To highlight each property in the most visually appealing way whilst providing easy-to-use and intuitive filters to enable superior search functionality.

  • Status Tracker and Timeline
    To provide a highly visual and intuitive tool for users to track their property status and highlight their individual roadmap to achieving sustainability goals.

  • Sitewide Search Functionality
    A search widget to allow users to perform a sitewide search to easily search, filter and find the right property and information they are looking for.

  • Digital Magazine and Brochure
    To highlight the latest articles and news in Frasers Property Australia's Live Proud magazine focused on residential first home buyers.

  • Integration with Social Media APIs
    To showcase a direct feed of Frasers Property Australia's social media platforms to highlight valuable content to users and to increase user interaction with the brand

  • Bespoke Photography Gallery
    Intelligent design and display of the breadth of properties showcasing various interior and exterior features to provide users with a sense of what it is to be a part of the Frasers Property community.


A beautifully designed website delivering a cohesive digital experience

Frasers Property Australia's new website reflects their new brand profile showcasing the variety of projects and properties on offer and provides a greater customer experience.

Customers are now met with a beautifully designed, intuitive and user-friendly UX that seamlessly guides customers through the website. The customer -centric approach and superior search functionality places their property profiles at the forefront, making it easy for customers to explore and discover properties that meet their specific needs. The overall digital experience showcases Frasers Property Australia's commitment to excellence driven by customer satisfaction.

Looking ahead Frasers Property Australia and Switch have developed a roadmap for future implementations adding new digital features that will further enhance the customer experience.

Award Winning Digital Experience
  • 2024 Wild Design Awards Silver
  • 2024 Sydney Design Awards Gold
  • 2023 Sitecore Awards Honorable Mention
  • 2023 Sydney Design Awards silver
  • 2023 Good Design Awards 2023
  • 2021 Sydney Design Awards Silver
  • 2021 Sitecore Experience Awards Honorable Mention

“We love Switch’s approach of creating a blended team, and we have truly felt like they have worked as an extension of our internal team. The results speak for themselves and we are so happy that we partnered with Switch.”

Lisa Reed , Digital Transformation Manager, Frasers Property Australia
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Frasers Property Australia engaged with Switch to support their Sitecore development roadmap following completing the Sitecore Business Optimisation consultancy. The team at Frasers Property Australia knew the potential of Sitecore but needed to expand their team and bring in a range of skills and resources to put their optimisation and personalisation plan into action.

For Frasers Property Australia, the business case opportunity was to deliver personalised content that enhances the digital brand and customers' experience while increasing conversion across both digital campaigns and general website visits.

This was conducted in two phases:

Phase 1: Optimising customer journeys of customers arriving at the Frasers Property Australia website as a part of the Live Proud brand campaign

Phase 2: Optimising the customer journeys of customers who have shown interest in a residential property.

Beyond: Their continuous optimisation cycles continue to expand and enhance website content beyond these initial phases, looking at analytics, goals, audience profiles, and content value scores to gain insights on visitor behaviour and interaction on site.


Our continual optimisation project is transforming Frasers Property Australia's digital experience by guiding visitors on their residential property buyer journey through intelligent, personalised & optimised content. Combining Switch's expertise in Strategy, Analytics, and UX we helped Frasers Property marketing team deliver innovative content marketing, by aligning customer data with content personalisation.

Frasers Property Australia has identified several customer segments: Investors, Downsizers, Overseas buyers etc. Each segment needed to be taken on their own buyer journey with content aligning to their needs.

Switch developed personalisation tactics to identify which stage of the journey the visitors are in while helping them get closer to buying a property. We identified & tracked Sitecore digital goals for each stage of their journey (i.e. Read Magazine, Read Buyer Guide, Complete a form and Book an appointment) and assigned these goals with engagement value points. A content strategy was created and adapted to each segment and presented personalised content focusing on the 'First Time Buyer' segment.

The project blended strategy and technical teams to craft and implement these tactics. Our technical team designed and built a progressive web form, enabling visitors to complete a profile that best represents them and identify their property needs.

Our strategy and UX team collaborated to "user test" the various pages of the website and made strategic recommendations on how to improve the user experience while achieving marketing goals. Wireframes were presented to Frasers Property to illustrate A/B Test recommendations. The recommendations were positively received and some of the features were implemented within 24 hours of the presentation.


When a user now visits the Live Proud landing page, they are met with an intelligent, engaging & personalised landing page.

The redesigned user flow guides and facilitates the user on their "residential property buyer" journey, guiding them as a means to achieve 3 digital goals.

First they are directed to read Fraser's Magazine with the CTA on the hero banner, if they have read the magazine the CTA changes to the view the 'Buyer' Guide. If the Buyer Guide is read, the visitor is then encouraged to browse 'First Time Buyer' properties.

Additionally, high bounce rates indicated low engagement, therefore content was optimised by displaying hero images relevant to a "First Home Buyer", clearer CTAs were implemented and high level engagement digital goals (such as filling out a form or booking an in person sales appointment) were not pushed too early.

These implemented optimisation and personalised tactics creates a unique digital experience through personalised content, custom user flows, A/B tests, data capture forms, and digital goals.

Key Metrics

Comparing the data of the Live Proud landing page 30 days before and after our A/B tests and UX suggestions were implemented:

  • 357% increase in page views
  • 60% increase in time spent on the page

Overall engagement with digital goals:

  • 123% positive effect when displaying the custom banner promoting the Live Proud Magazine versus non-personalised content - resulting in an increase of clicks thus higher engagement.
  • 76% positive effect when the carousel displays "First Time Buyer" testimonials against non-personalised content.
  • 109% positive effect from a continuous refresh of property listings.

Award Winning Personalisation and Continuous Optimisation Transformation

Frasers Property Australia Personalisation and Continuous Optimisation Transformation work has been recognised by the Sitecore Experience Award (SEA) in the "Most Intelligent Content Optimisation" category and by Sydney Design Awards in the Marketing - Branded Experience category.

Award Winning Personalisation and Continuous Optimisation Transformation
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NEW Switch have been awarded a Good Design Award in Digital Design.
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