Sitecore 8

Embrace Sitecore 8 and focus on maximising your digital budget to deliver customers the very best multi-channel experience. Build your digital future with Switch.

Sitecore 8 is a significant upgrade to the popular platform and as a multi-award winning Sitecore partner, we're the right team to help you to deliver your customers the best experience and continually get the most out of Sitecore.

Welcome to Sitecore 8 - The Experience Platform

Sitecore is the global leader in customer experiences and Switch are your local Sitecore Partner of the Year, ready to deliver highly relevant content and personalised digital experiences to your customers to build loyalty and drive revenue.

Creating a robust framework built around Sitecore, Switch can tailor an experience for your customers that is unique to them. You need to own evey experience with a platform hierarchy that works for you and your customers. More recently we've achieved this for Kia, Tyreright and Rhino-Rack.

Sitecore Experience Platform - Switch

If you're looking for a multiple award winning Sitecore partner that can help you know every customer and shape every experience, speak with Switch now.

Sitecore 8 - Experience Channels

As humans we're pretty good at filtering out what is not really relevant to us and doing it pretty quickly; so if your customers don't see something engaging in the first few seconds of arriving at your website - they'll most likely move on. Your customers time and experience has a direct correlation with your conversions, so you need to make every second count!

Rhino Rack and the Sitecore 8 Dashboard

Sitecore enables you to achieve the best experience for your customers across critical touch points, allowing you to craft a personalised message through :

  • Web

    Transform your marketing efforts with the Sitecore Web Experience Manager™. By driving an accurate and powerful experience to every customer, you'll be able to get beyond traditional barriers that inhibit your objectives.

  • Email

    Move well beyond broadcast email for accurate customer engagement by delivering prospects with what they are looking for and then convert them. You'll not only achieve improved campaign engagement, but a stronger customer experience and a higher return on investment.

  • Mobile

    If nearly 50% of your customers are initially engaging with your business via a smartphone or tablet - doesn't it make sense to ensure that experience accurately reflects you?

  • Social

    Customers are very much real people, so naturally you need to be able to interact with them on public social networks. Personalise the conversation even further by engaging with customers where they are across the social landscape.

  • Apps

    Extend the Sitecore Experience Platform with preintegrated experience management apps made just for marketing teams, you can quite easily build upon the comprehensive range of features to suit your own needs.

  • Print

    Use the power of Sitecore to provide customised targeted print materials to your customers and potential customers. Creating personalised collateral that meets your brand standards but more importantly is continually accurate.

  • Commerce

    Deploy eCommerce to your project and achieve a highly engaging and accurate experience for your customers. Delivering a personalised experience will drive stronger conversion.

  • Federated

    Serve up tailored, relevant experiences across other non-Sitecore sites and measure engagement value across them to deliver a connected customer experience across disparate web platforms.

Deliver the best response and experience for your customers with Switch. Speak with our team today.

Sitecore 8 - Experience Management

Sitecore is the global leader in customer experiences, delivering the right message at the exact moment to increase conversion.

Your brand has created an expectation for customers, deliver on the accuracy and consistency of that experience any time and any way they interact with your brand. Being confident that your marketing, no matter how automated or distributed across channels-always reinforces your brand. Sitecore lets you easily manage all your content, products, and assets in one place, so you can focus on delivering one connected customer experience.

Sitecore 8 Content Editor
  • Content Management

    Empower your own team with comprehensive content management via Sitecore. Drive the very best and timely experience for your customers that's personalised to every visitor in real time.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Sitecore digital asset management ensures easy access to the latest approved assets from your business and enables accurate delivery across every channel / customer interaction.

  • Product Information Management

    Sitecore product information management enables you to easily access every element of your product catalogue within Sitecore to merchandise products and pricing across multiple channels.

Distribute your content effectively and accurately with Switch. Get in touch with Switch for more information.

Sitecore 8 - AIDA (Analytics, Insights, Decisions & Automation)

Sitecore® AIDA™ is the marketing performance optimisation technology that simultaneously collects, evaluates, manages and analyzes customer intelligence from patterns, behaviors and decisions gathered across multiple digital channels.

AIDA™ is not a product, but a framework that identifies actionable insights and analytics to enable you to maximize results from your marketing programs.

Sitecore 8 Analytics Dashboard
  • Analytics

    Sitecore tracks all interactions with content, across all channels, automatically. Look at customer experiences knowing you have complete data, without the need to tag and track every campaign.

  • Insights

    Sitecore can reveal your customers' interests and intentions and help you deliver more impactful marketing automatically. Sitecore can target more relevant marketing based on customer behaviors or rules you define.

  • Decisions

    With constant analysis and insight, Sitecore helps you determine the best way to drive the most compelling customer experiences. Sensing and adaprting to customer behaviors in real time, Sitecore can progressively personalise your marketing across channels to increase conversions and loyalty.

  • Automation

    Build intimate relationships with every single customer, whether you have hundreds or millions of them. Sitecore lets you listen and respond to customers' actions, automating the frequency, sequence, and personalisation of interactions over any channel, at any time.

Use the right data to help drive the right business decisions for success. Speak with Switch to find out how.

Sitecore 8 - Experience Database

The Sitecore® Experience Database™ is a new Big Marketing Data repository that collects customer interactions, connecting them to create a comprehensive, unified view of the individual customer. It makes more data available to marketers in real-time, for automated interactions across multiple channels. Designed for high scalability, the data-optimized cloud platform allows marketers to focus on individual customers and interactions, without any lingering data management concerns.

Sitecore 8 Customer Profiles
  • Collect

    Keep all your customer experience data in a single place, near where experiences are happening. The Sitecore Experience Database enables you to gather data from various disparate systems and consolidate it into one repository.

    Use your collected data to drive a more relevant experience.

  • Consolidate from Everywhere

    Sitecore joins the dots, to help you see the real people behind your customer data. By automatically connecting data back to the individual customers, you have action-ready knowledge of your customers enabling you to deliver the most relevant, personalised experiences you can. The longer the customer relationship, the more you learn, and the better you can tailor interactions to meet your customers' needs.

  • Build a Complete Picture

    By combining customer data into a single knowledge repository, see your customers for the real people they are. The Sitecore Experience Profile™ is your view into the data, giving you complete insight into your customers' experiences.

Collect interactions and turn indifference into contentment. Find out how with Switch.

Sitecore Awards

We’ve recently been awarded the Sitecore Partner of the Year award at the 2014 Digital Trendspot for our work on Kia, Tyreright and Rhino-Rack. Our team was also recognised for delivering the best mobile experience, best Foundry deployment and the best manufacturing, automotive and technology solution.

Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner Logo Sitecore Certified Solution Partner Logo
  • Sitecore Experience Award 2018 - Fastest Time to Market
  • Sitecore Experience Award 2016 - Best E-Commerce Experience
  • Sitecore Experience Award 2015 - Digital Innovator Award
  • Sitecore Experience Award 2014 - Best Use of Foundry
  • Sitecore Experience Award 2014 - Manufacturing, Automotive and Technology
  • Sitecore Experience Award 2014 - Best Use of Mobile
  • Sitecore Partner of the Year Award 2014 - Best Mobile Experience
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