Sitecore 10 - New Features and Your Upgrade Path

Deliver CX agility and flexibility at infinite scale with Sitecore 10. Upgrade now with our upgrade methodology.

In a new era of digital transformation, your customers and business are simply demanding more. Customer-led digital experience in combination with adaptive business models is the opportunity to truly lead your industry.

Sitecore has unveiled Sitecore version 10, launching exciting new features and functionality that will accelerate the delivery of Optimisation, Content, and Commerce at an infinite scale.

With the release of Sitecore 10, organisations are better equipped than ever to achieve their digital ambitions and leverage technology to modernise their digital future.

Let's walk through the new capabilities of Sitecore version 10 series and how this will help take your business to the next level.

For Marketers

Marketing agility and flexibility are the key areas of Sitecore’s product investment allowing marketers to leverage emerging tech and execute digital experiences at scale.

  • Rules-Based Content Profiling

    Improves marketer productivity with automatic behavioural-based profiling of content based on content tags and taxonomy.

  • Sitecore AI - Auto Personalisation

    Standard delivers faster time-to-market and time-to-value for personalisation with no minimum site traffic required to turn on Auto Personalisation (and up to 12 million annual visits). For brands that have already begun their personalisation efforts, Sitecore AI helps by analyzing visitor behaviour to learn where they are in their journey, deepen their understanding of them, and determine the best content to optimise their experience.

  • Segmentation Audience Filtering

    In Experience Analytics, marketers and marketing optimisation analysts can view a selection of dashboards and reports to gain a quick understanding of patterns and trends in experience analytics data.

  • SXA & Horizon Integration

    Combines the complementary elements of the two products so users can benefit from the SXA time-to-market advantage within the next-generation UX of Horizon. The tighter integration between the two, significantly increasing the speed at which a brand can edit and evolve experiences to match the rate of CX change.

For Technologists

Unprecedented scale and performance with the coupling of cutting-edge tooling creating limitless possibilities across application development and cloud delivery services.

  • Experience Edge

    The first component of Sitecore's new SaaS platform will be the headless content delivery capability with Sitecore Experience Edge. Connect your new website to a content experience layer with an API application architecture.

  • ASP.NET Core - Headless

    Development allows you to build your application faster on the latest .NET technology.

  • A new Next.js SDK

    Expanded modules supported by Sitecore Containers, including Horizon, Azure Blob Storage and Publishing Service, improve the module deployment process and reinforce high-quality Docker and Kubernetes experiences.

  • Containers

    Expanded modules supported by Sitecore Containers, including Horizon, Azure Blob Storage and Publishing Service, improve the module deployment process and reinforce high-quality Docker and Kubernetes experiences.

What’s New for the eCommerce Manager

A suite of new features promising to excite any eCommerce manager and help efficiently manage each stage in the supply chain, from product cataloguing, to order fulfilment, and beyond.

  • Product Content Management (PCM)

    With the introduction of Sitecore Content Hub alongside Sitecore Commerce (XC), product marketing images, videos, specifications and more, can be easily managed in unity with digital product merchandising.

  • Customer Service Enhancements

    Sitecore’s xDB (Customer Experience Database) fully integrated with the Order Manager helping Customer Service manage order enquiries.

  • Evolving Business Tools Suite

    Continued evolution of the promotion manager with product bundling and new features like product gifting.

  • Searchability and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Advanced search added across the platform, indexing a wider array of product data across the merchandise manager. Plus, with the latest container model mentioned above, deployments for Commerce will drastically improve the speed to market and reduce the cost.

How Can You Upgrade?

It's easy to see how the updates available in Sitecore 10 will help empower businesses in their capabilities and accelerate delivery times. We’ve developed an upgrade path to take you from your current version to the infinite possibilities that Sitecore 10 can deliver.

As a long-standing Sitecore platinum partner with over a decade of experience helping our customers build their digital future, we’ll work alongside you to refactor APIs, Custom Templates and Third-Party Modules and then run Sitecore scripts to migrate the platform onto the new version. It’s our one, two, three, upgrade methodology for Sitecore.

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Not currently using Sitecore? Contact us to find out more about Sitecore and its benefits.

Simply book a consultation and let us show you how you can upgrade to Sitecore 10 and transform your customer experience strategy.

Sitecore Product Specialisations

Switch are proud to be recognised as Sitecore Content Hub and Experience platform specialists. Learn about our capabilities and platform solutions with Sitecore.

  • Sitecore Content Hub 2024
  • Sitecore Specialized Partner Experience Platform 2024

Sitecore Awards

We’re proud of the customer success we’ve achieved at Switch. Every year since becoming a Sitecore Partner in 2010 our success has been validated by these incredible accolades. We were recently awarded the Global Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award for our work with Coates across Sitecore XP, Experience Commerce, Content Hub and Cloud.

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