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We combine our creative, technical and data capabilities to maximise and measure the value delivered to your customers.

Switch are a strategy and user experience focused digital agency that uses flawless designs to deliver truly engaging experiences to our client's customers. Our range of services ensure constant transparency and we remove project risks so you can reach the highest possible return on your digital investment.

Our team has been built around the best talent and collaboration with open minds via a mix of designers, builders, developers, strategists, digital marketers and account managers. We pride ourselves that all of these skills are under one roof, we don’t outsource - so the people you speak with are the ones doing your work.


Before we start pushing any pixels around, we invest time into establishing the digital strategy for your project. This allows us to create a clear picture of the universe that we can all work towards achieving. This is such a critical phase of any project as it mitigates risks and ensures clarity around deliverables.

  • Customer Experience

    For the past twenty years, we have been fixated on helping clients to fully realise their customer experience strategies. By using a Vision, Goals & Metrics framework, we can craft an experience-driven technology solution that offers both organisational efficiency and customer success.

  • Insights Driven Decisions

    By gathering empirical evidence to support theories and hypotheses, we ensure that we have data driven insights that inform the decision making process.

  • Storytelling

    When leveraging insights, our team will have the understanding to generate stories for the business around unique challenges and ways in how we can solve them. Storytelling will be a vessel for teams to communicate strategic direction across the wider organisation.

  • Tech Evaluation

    The start of every great digital transformation begins with an evaluation of your existing tech stack. Through a technical and functional specification, we make sure that the solution is built for the future.

  • Ideation

    We use our developed understanding of your business to facilitate ideation sessions with key stakeholders. Once we have a series of ideas that we are comfortable with we begin to discuss them in detail, assessing each against the overarching business objectives and prioritising accordingly.

  • Transformation

    Every organisation begins its digital transformation at a different stage. Small or large, we have worked with organisations in almost every industry and at every stage of the process. Our team of professionals is ready to help you innovate and realise your long-term customer experience goals.


Striking that careful balance between brand and brilliance is the enviable task of our talented designers and builders. Delivering inspirational interfaces that not only represent your brand accurately, they’re adept at ensuring your customers have a fantastic experience, regardless of the device they’re on.

  • Brand to Digital Translation

    Your brand is your identity. It’s the first thing a visitor sees, and has the power to be a turning point in converting potential customers. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful, intuitive experiences that translate your brand seamlessly into the digital space.

  • User Experience

    UX encompasses many aspects of the customer experience, including understanding users needs, values, abilities and limitations. We conduct user research to define personas, customer journeys, and battlegrounds to create the best user experience possible.

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture is the structural design of a website. By utilising card sorting techniques and user testing, we are able to label, organise and structure content in a way that helps users to find what they are looking for to complete their task.

  • User Stories

    The purpose of a user story is to describe a specific goal from the perspective of the user. User stories help to define what a visitor is trying to accomplish, if they were able to complete their task, and if there were any barriers that could be eliminated.

  • Wireframing

    Low and High-Fidelity Wireframes visually represent the website's layout and IA, focusing on content and user flow, including movement across the site and ensuring they satisfy the needs of all of the personas.

  • Prototyping

    The purpose of a prototype is to visually demonstrate how the end product will look and function. As part of an iterative process, we create a working prototype to not only gather feedback, but to confirm whether or not user needs are being met.


We get our kicks from making systems that are beautifully simple, make your work quicker, easier and more efficient. The biggest chunk of any project is generally spent on designing and developing custom online business systems for SME’s, blue-chip corporate clients or shiny new start-ups.

  • Customer Experience Platforms

    As a Platinum Sitecore Implementation partner, we have proven success in delivering the complete vision for customer experience. We work with you to establish clear roadmaps that focus on strategy, implementation, support and optimisation using the full breadth of Sitecore products.

  • Application Development

    When off-the-shelf software doesn't suit all of your unique business requirements, our team has the capability of developing custom applications to support both small and large scale organisations, including mobile solutions.

  • CRM Integration

    Understanding your customers is the key to success. But by keeping your CRM separate from your website, you are forfeiting valuable information. Luckily, we have experience integrating CRM systems so that data and insights can flow seamlessly.

  • Digital Asset Management

    DAM is a crucial tool for any team, allowing you to organise, access and distribute digital assets across domains. Our team will work to create a baseline for digital assets and align marketers across the organisation.

  • IoT

    In today's connected world, devices are capable of more than just gathering data. Realising the benefits of IoT can yield more productivity, operational efficiencies and revolutionise customer experiences.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI and Voice Assistants have already made their way into the mainstream, and with adoption rates rising, we have the tools and technical ability to meet this demand.

  • DevOps

    Our DevOps is founded with the purpose of aligning developers and operations, with the goal of building, testing, and releasing software faster and more reliably.

  • Cloud Hosting

    By now you know that your business needs to be based in the cloud. With years of experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud Implementation, our team can walk you through every step of the process including migration, hosting and infrastructure.

  • Monitoring

    A site launch is just the beginning. Our monitoring services ensure that your website is working to the best of its ability 24/7 through maintenance, support and SLAs.


It’s always super exciting to see a project go live, but the job doesn’t end there. Our team offers several levels of support to ensure that your website continues to maximise opportunities for your business and meet your customer's needs.

  • Agile

    We take an agile approach to development, which means we work in sprints that support the ever-changing needs of the business as they are identified throughout the project. This flexibility allows us to deliver tangible results at a pace that aligns with the maturity, capacity, and capability of team.

  • Development Sprint Planning

    The Development team, Agile Project Manager and product owner work together to define a sprint plan by identifying the stories that can be completed within a sprint to form a release. By identifying technical dependencies early on, the team will work to minimise errors, rework, and downtime.

  • Specification

    The user stories include the general requirements that the project needs to meet or exceed, and also includes specific approaches, designs, or technologies that should be implemented. This forms the basis of a scope definition, which provides all stakeholders a common understanding of what will be built.

  • Enablement

    To facilitate the adoption of the solution across the entire organisation, we follow a framework which ensures the content is tailored to the skill levels and the target objectives of all involved.


It’s always super exciting to see a project go live, but the job doesn’t end there. Our team offers several levels of support to ensure that your website continues to maximise opportunities for your business and meet your customer's needs.

  • Customers for Life

    We value long term relationships and take great pride in our customer's success. Our optimisation services ensure that your website continues to support your business goals and meet your customer's needs in the long term.

  • Insights Reporting

    Our insights reporting allows you to see the performance at any point in time and understand any issues or bottlenecks in the solution.

  • Continuous Optimisation

    We are fixated on helping clients to deliver organisational success through continuous improvement. This ensures that your business is ahead of the curve when confronted by unexpected industry disruptions.

  • Content Curation

    Marketers are spending an increasingly large amount of time creating content that provides value to their audience. We have the experience and tools to develop a content strategy based around personas that is relevant, personalised, accurate and up to date.

  • SEO, SEM & SMM

    Once your site is launched, it's just the beginning. Our team has deep expertise and knowledge in Google Analytics, SEO, SEM and SMM to deliver insights and recommendations for your organisation to succeed.


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