Switch Stuns with Global Sitecore
Ultimate Experience Award

It is probably fair to say that if 2020 has taught us anything, it is to appreciate those special moments in life that more often than not, fly past us thanks to our busy schedules. Over the past decade, we've had some wonderful achievements with our customers and Sitecore, but we're taking a moment to appreciate this very special one.

We are incredibly proud, thrilled and honoured to announce that Switch has won a Global Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award for the outstanding work with Coates Hire across Sitecore XP, Experience Commerce, Content Hub and Cloud.

After winning the 2020 Sitecore Experience Award for 'Most Sophisticated Implementation' in the APJ region, Switch and Coates Hire qualified for possible selection in the 2020 Global Sitecore Ultimate Experience Awards. With some brilliant solutions globally utilsing Sitecore XP, Experience Commerce, Content Hub and Cloud, the judges had a tough task to select the winners. After careful consideration, Switch and Coates Hire were chosen and we couldn't be happier!

It has been a phenomenal experience working alongside our customers and Sitecore over the last 10 years. In the past year alone, we've achieved Sitecore Platinum Implementation status, secured our 12th Sitecore Experience Award in a row, been recognised with Sitecore Experience Commerce specialisation and the prestigious Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award.

Our team has now delivered some of the most innovative solutions across Sitecore XP, Experience Commerce, Content Hub and Cloud globally. The experience that we've built over the years has us well placed to collaborate with any organisation to achieve modernisation or deliver true digital transformation success.

However, none of this would have been possible without a dedicated team that is passionate about delivering solutions that scale and drive efficiency as well as outcomes, simply put - the Switch team gets it done and done with the fastest time to value. The focus by the team on delivering customer success with Sitecore is peerless.

We are extremely fortunate to work with customers that have the foresight for change, with business led digital transformation and modernisation to deliver efficiency and competitiveness to their organisations and the best experiences to their customers.

The 2020 Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award is about the elevation of the customer experience. Coates Hire have been one of those customers that are just fantastic to work with. Their roadmap has continued to evolve and touched many parts of their organisation to deliver on their key objectives, exceed customer expectations, increase competitiveness and to reduce their cost-to-serve. Their journey has spawned new ways of working, driving greater levels of collaboration and through blended agile teams, they've achieved tremendous outcomes at pace.

This resulted in Sitecore being leveraged, as a single platform solution for website experience management, eCommerce, digital asset management and cloud. A scalable solution for customers across B2C and B2B through portals, applications and IoT, with integration into business applications including ERP, CRM and PIM.

Working in blended, agile teams, Coates Hire and Switch have been able to execute the strategy and deliver rapid time to value, through strong alignment and collaboration, continually showcasing progress. We've also been able to pivot rapidly with the evolving needs of the business and crucially, the technology stack has been an enabler, not an inhibitor for the success of both teams.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Coates Hire, not only for partnering with us but treating us like one of the family - we're equally proud of what we've achieved together and super excited about what is next.

It would be remiss of us not to thank all those customers that we've worked with and delivered success for over the years. Passion has really led us here, coupled with the experience of Sitecore projects from the last decade that have taught us so much. The constant evolution of digital provides us all with exciting challenges and opportunities, we thank you for collaborating with us in curating what success looks like.

A special thank you to Sitecore. We've grown together as each organisation has changed as much as the other. We've journeyed together through the evolution and expansion of the platform and share the same desire to deliver exceptional experience for customers. We've met and worked with some tremendous people locally and internationally, your support has been a constant over the last decade and we are grateful to deliver on the opportunities that emerged.

Last and by no means least, a huge thank you to the entire Switch team, a group of talented people with diverse backgrounds that make us, us. Each and every one of you has played an important role in our ability to run at challenges and ensure that the customers experience is at the centre of every solution. Your dedication and hard work is peerless, only topped by your commitment to our customers. The way you support each other and collaborate will always be a testament to your desire to be not only thought leaders but real doers who get it done to make a difference.

- Steve Nelson, CEO

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