Soar To Success With XM Cloud

We are going back to basics, get ready to delve into the essentials-What, Why, When, and How-to empower your business with Sitecore XM Cloud.

What is XM Cloud?

Sitecore XM Cloud is cloud-native SaaS CMS that allows brands to create content and quickly deliver it across any channel. With XM Cloud you can streamline operations, enhance marketing initiatives, and provide best in class customer experiences.

The Value of a SaaS CMS

Why Move to XM Cloud?

By modernising your DXP and moving to XM Cloud you will be able to meet growing customer expectations, increase customer satisfaction and engagement, and enable data-driven decision-making.

XM cloud offers many benefits to your teams and organisation:

Marketers can use Sitecore XM Cloud to create and launch personalised website experiences, manage content and optimise experiences with advanced analytics.

Developers can use Sitecore XM Cloud to create custom solutions, automate deployment processes, and ensure high levels of security and compliance.

XM Cloud Benefits

Never upgrade again
Updates are fully managed by Sitecore leaving you to benefit from the latest functionality and features due to automatic updates.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Eliminate investments in hardware infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs.

As a Saas platform, XM Cloud offers scalability so you can always meet growing demands.

XM Cloud incorporates robust multilayer security measures, data backups, and compliance with industry standards

Ease of use
Marketers are empowered by seamlessly orchestrating the overall experience across digital campaigns, while developers can rapidly launch new experience types using modern front-end frameworks.

When Should You Move to XM Cloud?

If your organisation is struggling to respond to changing market demands with speed and agility and is affecting your organisation's ability to meet strategic goals, the move to XM Cloud should be a priority, if you want to:

  • Enhance collaboration between IT, Digital and Marketing
  • Provide an easier to use and intuitive CMS for your teams
  • Deliver faster, seamless experience for your customers
  • Future proof your enterprise technology stack

How Do You Move to XM Cloud?

Every organisation is on their own transformation journey and each case is unique. When moving to a XM Cloud it's important to have a clear roadmap and delivery strategy set up.

In many cases choosing the right Sitecore Solution Partner can be the key to success to maximise the value of XM cloud and deliver meaningful digital experiences

Why Partner with Switch?

Our team of expert practitioners are leading the way in accelerating our customers move to XM Cloud. With Sitecore specialists and our proven strategic framework we take a strategy first approach collaborating with businesses to deliver an intelligent experience that is continually optimised.

If you're ready to soar to success with XM Cloud and transform your business, simply reach out to us at

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