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It’s all about context. We have heard it before but never has it been as accessible to marketers as it is now. We have seen at #sitecoresym that 65% of customers believe brands are not giving them the connection that they want and need to become advocates and stay loyal.

The trends are simple and well known - technology is evolving exponentially, as is human behaviour. So why is it that organisations are so slow to change?

Organisations have access to the tools for change - we’ve seen Sitecore Accelerate launched, new amazing use cases for path analysers, features for contextual commerce, and nurtured value transactions. But who is using these tools? According to a recent Sitecore study of their customers, not many organisations - 85% of customers in the study are still in their first stage of digital maturity and not maximising their opportunity for growth.

This data makes me wonder, who are the remaining 15%? How did they build digital maturity and what are the results?

The customer data set is key. Creating new ways to build and enact a digital maturity model to get results requires an ‘all in’ approach. If you use Sitecore, you have the advantage of an integrated customer experience. Your competitors don’t have this, so platform strategy with continual advocacy is the missing link to go from zero to Sitecore hero...

The result for Sitecore clients who leverage the integrated customer experience is data domain, they are building contextual awareness of their end customer and are using this to enable marketing automation, making communication with customers more convenient. We saw case studies today from organisations who are successfully delivering contextual experiences using Sitecore including Danone, Microsoft, and many more.

Great to be in New Orleans @sitecoresym. More exciting discovery and blogs to come.

— Nick Jones

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