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Use Content Hub To Drive Content Strategy and Growth

In a previous article, we talked about how to "create a sustainable content strategy" using the three R's to reduce, reuse and repurpose. The next is step is to take that content strategy and supercharge it by using a content hub.

You may be thinking doesn't a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution act as a content hub? While traditionally a DAM assists in centralising digital content it has its limitations.

The businesses that are succeeding today are the ones with a detailed view of their end-to-end content lifecycle by using a content hub. A content hub is a home for all your digital assets, content operations, and distribution, allowing for content optimisation, planning and production processes. With a content hub, you can supercharge your content strategy enabling sustainable growth.

5 reasons to use a content hub

  1. Brings team together - A content hub facilities stronger collaboration between teams - those who plan, write, design, approves and publishes by eliminating siloes and providing a 360 view of the content landscape.
  2. Efficiency - Eliminate duplication and fast-track content creation and use with a full view of the content supply chain to see what is being created, what is already existing and how it's being used.
  3. Centralise, locate and reuse - Easily categorise and search through all your digital content so that anyone on the team has full access and visibility. Using a content hub allows for a sustainable content strategy but implementing the three Rs approach to reduce costs, reuse assets, and repurpose content. Allowing better segmentation by mixing and matching assets to deliver truly personalised, unique experiences that are still consistent with broader messaging.
  4. Seamless integration - A content hub offers users added flexibility through easy integration with upstream platforms (that can feed existing data and content into your content production process) and downstream platforms (where content gets published, such as commerce and social media platforms).
  5. Delivers a better digital experience - Deliver a best-in-class and truly omni-channel content experience to all customer types regardless of their buyer journey stage, the channel, the product or the service. A content hub is a modern marketer's dream.

Download the "Your Content Strategy, Supercharged" quick guide.

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Some content hub FAQs

We already have a DAM; do we still need a content hub?

A content hub is an evolution of the traditional DAM. It is an all-one solution that blends and replaces traditional silos such as DAM, Content Management Platforms, Product Content Management, and Marketing Resource Management, as well as other capabilities

Personalisation is our main goal; how exactly will a content hub help us with this?

One of the biggest hurdles to personalisation is having the right content to present to the target audience through the right channel at the right time.

An effective and efficient method is to create and manage a wide array of ‘building block' assets that will allow AI to automatically pull together the right content for each customer touchpoint. Sitecore Content Hub makes it easier to piece together these building blocks at speed and scale.

We have a lot of print assets as well as digital ones; can we manage those through a content hub?

In a digital world, the power of print is often overlooked. Sitecore Content Publisher's Web to Print capabilities simplify and automate graphics and collateral production, saving time and making experiences more consistent, even across mediums.

You can read more by downloading the quick guide below.

Download the "Your Content Strategy, Supercharged" quick guide.

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