Sitecore's 2022 Commerce Predictions

What lies ahead for the future of commerce?

We all know that the last few years have seen the acceleration of digital transformation for all organisations and Commerce investment is one trend that isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Recently Sitecore commerce experts collaborated with others, including Switch's Technical Director, Matt Watson, to predict what 2022 has in store. The below 4 key themes emerged as result:

  1. Consumers expect omnichannel personalisation.
  2. B2B commerce will become "B2Me" commerce.
  3. Commerce experiences will go far beyond the simple shopping cart.
  4. Modern e-commerce architecture will become the default, with composable commerce helping brands keep pace with ever changing consumer expectations.
Matt Watson
Matt Watson
Technical Director

What did our Commerce expert and Technical Director have to say?

"In 2022, we will see the death of the monolith."

With the pandemic fundamentally reshaping how customers want to engage with organisations - brands' digital experience has never been more important. But it's not just about standing up a 'storefront'. The digital experience expectation now requires businesses to be able to keep pace as the business landscape continues to change. It requires immersive and engaging experiences for customers who traditionally relied on physical experiences to "wow" them. The traditional monolithic e-commerce platform just cannot support this. It forces organisations to flex, or change, to support the platform rather than the platform accommodating the unique strengths of the customer. That's why in 2022 I believe we'll see the death of the monolith.

What does this all mean?

In 2022, it's all about being architecturally flexible and this is where Sitecore's composable commerce platform comes into play. Sitecore OrderCloud, Sitecore's headless, API-first e-commerce platform supports composable commerce strategies. With Sitecore OrderCloud, marketing leaders have the ability to define their own, personalised customer experiences, and get to market faster with the experiences customers are expecting.

Learn more about Sitecore OrderCloud in our recent article.

Switch and Sitecore

Switch is a Sitecore Platinum implementation partner. To find out more about Sitecore's composable architecture and what it can do for your organisation, simply book a consultation with us today.

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