Sitecore Customer Data Platform

Turn Data Into Real-Time Customer Insight

As the world becomes more interconnected, leveraging data to provide a better experience becomes the key to a successful business. Accessing data used to be hard; however, Sitecore CDP (previously Boxever and recently acquired by Sitecore), provides organisations with a single place to join up behavioural (online) CRM and transactional (offline) data to see the whole customer story.

What is Sitecore CDP?

Sitecore CDP is a customer data platform that provides real-time visitor and customer intelligence. The platform brings together information from all your different channels and sources and can connect to any website, app or device. It lets you develop a 360-degree view of customers, segment them, and conduct real-time decisioning and experimentation to deliver a data-driven, relevant experience.

What Can Sitecore CDP Do for Your Organisation?

  • Ingest data via secure APIs: Stream Batch and interactive.
  • Tracks real-time behaviour as visitors interact with digital touchpoints such as web, mobile app or email.
  • Activate customer data with secure PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and create profiles from historical, transactional or behavioural customer data.
  • Generate segments of visitors that have common attributes, behaviours or transactions.

What Are the Benefits of Sitecore CDP?

  1. Track customer behaviour, purchases and conversion in real-time and get a constant stream of useful insights.

    Sitecore CDP consumes behavioural data from all channels such as web, mobile, app, emails and blends it with enterprise data from your customer database, datamart, CRM etc. The ability to get all your data in the same place enables you to make use of its full potential and lead to powerful ways to make strategic or intelligent automated decisions.

  2. Level up your marketing and personalisation using segments generated from real-time customer behaviours and transactional data.

    With Sitecore CDP, you can create and generate segments based on conditions that you can define yourself. Let’s say you want to create a specific Email campaign for young adults that are recurrent and recent customers. A good example would be creating a new segment and including customers under 30 years old that purchased more than 2 specific products within the past 6 months. You decide what the conditions are for each segment you want to create, and you can use it however you’d like.

  3. Strengthen optimisation and personalisation strategies using a real-time data capability

    Another great use of customer segments is to improve your optimisation and personalisation with data-driven segments. Let’s say you want to offer a different experience on your homepage for older customers that are coming back but aren’t converting. You could create a new segment for customers over 65 years old that haven’t purchased in the past but came back on your website more than three times. You can then use this segmentation to personalise the content you want to show to this specific segment.

  4. Identify trends and experiment with your customers' behaviour.

    With data collected and synchronised across all platforms, you can easily identify trends amongst your customers behavioural and transactional data. For example, you could identify a trend of customers of the same age group that keep buying the same two products over a 2 months period. You could then use this information to create a special package to encourage those specific customers to buy those two products together.

As you can see, Sitecore CDP is an exciting new tool that is enhancing Sitecore’s existing optimisation and personalisation capability by integrating a powerful real-time customer data platform.

With synchronised behavioural and transactional data across all platforms and channels, you can now have access to endless insights and segmentations possibilities and use them to leverage your customer’s experience.

Switch and Sitecore

Switch is a Sitecore Platinum implementation partner. To find out more about Sitecore CDP and what it can do for your organisation, simply book a consultation with us today.

— Esmeralda Levi

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