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In this day and age marketing teams, big or small, are required to produce large amounts of content in quick succession. Generally, an organisation’s overall content generation process is riddled with difficulties; multiple tools used by various departments, business unit subprocesses that don’t align with the greater picture, and lack of collaboration between teams. All in all causing total content pandemonia for not only marketing but the organisation as a whole. Enter Sitecore Content Hub, an all-in-one unified platform for planning, managing, automating and delivering content at scale. Once content has been inputted into Content Hub it can easily be fed to Sitecore Experience Platform and Commerce.

What is Sitecore Content Hub?

Sitecore Content Hub, as a platform, integrates digital asset management, marketing resource management, content marketing, and product content management. The platform is made up of five key components.

Content Hub Components
Content Hub Components
  1. Sitecore DAM™ (Digital Asset Management)

    Sitecore DAM is a centralised, one-stop-shop for marketing assets. Companies can search for and store all asset types; videos, images, artwork, visuals, and more. The component also accommodates full digital rights management, or DRM - ensuring full compliance.

  2. Sitecore CMP™ (Content Marketing Platform)

    Sitecore CMP™ allows a company to effectively plan and manage their content strategy. The component allows content stakeholders to streamline, a visible and governed approach, across content production via multiple task streams.

  3. Sitecore MRM™ (Marketing Resource Management)

    Sitecore MRM allows teams to plan, schedule, and organise campaigns and content production more effectively. The component has a sophisticated customisable workflow where stage-gates can be set up to provide oversight in complex multi-layered marketing activities.

  4. Sitecore PCM (Product Content Management)

    Sitecore PCM is a team’s single source of truth for product content for eCommerce websites, print catalogues and ERP systems. The component centralises and automates the management and maintenance of all product-related content. PCM gives marketing teams an overview of where and how product assets are being used across a company’s digital landscape.

  5. Sitecore W2P (Web-to-Print)

    Sitecore W2P is a component that advocates for brand consistency and enforces brand guidelines across an organisation. The component is easy to use and gives teams the ability to convert content into personalised, ready to print content.

The Benefits of Sitecore Content Hub

  1. One platform to rule all content

    Centralise content management and processes across all channels. All your assets in one place, in one system, fully Sitecore integratable.

  2. Efficient Management

    Easily manage marketing operations, projects and budgets end to end with peace of mind knowing that data and privacy compliance requirements are met.

  3. Enhance Visibility

    Empowering an organisation’s ability in content creation and collaboration - accommodating visibility across the entire marketing workflow and providing feedback on content performance.

  4. Automation and Consistency

    Automate product data across your digital landscape to avoid on-page errors and increase data consistency.

  5. You’re the boss

    Have total control over marketing campaigns by planning and organising content production through automation and streamlined processes.

Switch and Sitecore Content Hub

Switch are Content Hub Specialised and are a Sitecore Platinum implementation partner. To find out more about Sitecore Content Hub and what it can do for your organisation, simply book a consultation with us today.

— Esmeralda Levi

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