Revolutionise Commerce Experiences
with Sitecore OrderCloud

Commerce is rapidly evolving with customers now expecting immersive and engaging digital experiences that 'wow' them. Therefore, organisations must invest in agile and scalable solutions that will revolutionise their commerce operations and deliver game-changing digital experiences. This is where Sitecore's OrderCloud comes in...

What is OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud is an API-first, headless cloud platform designed to revolutionise the way organisations sell online.

Imagine a single solution that caters to all your B2B, B2C, and B2X needs, powering not just custom eCommerce experiences but also comprehensive order management and marketplace applications.

Sitecore OrderCloud goes beyond setting up a digital storefront by allowing the creation of personalised omni-channel experiences that resonate with infinite buyer types.

Sitecore OrderCloud is built for large, complex and highly distributed organisations, that want the freedom to develop custom online commerce solutions without limitations.

Key Capabilities

Sitecore OrderCloud was created to solve complex commerce problems while offering the flexibility to add on capabilities as an organisation grows. Some key capabilities include:

  1. Define your marketplace

    With Sitecore Ordercloud you can tailor complex buyer and user group setups, easily segment audiences, align sales and CRM processes, target diverse user personas with custom properties, support customer service and implement tiered approval rules along with supplier management and workflows.

  2. Personalised Shopping

    With Sitecore OrderCloud, personalised shopping experiences come to life through segmented, multi-supplier catalogues, faceted keyword search options, tailored product visibility for buyers and buyer groups, configurable promotions, diverse product variants and specifications, customised price rules and quantity-based price breaks.

  3. Fulfillment

    With features such as inventory management, order workflows, and seamless integration with third party logistics providers Sitecore OrderCloud streamlines fulfillment processes. It can handle a variety of transactions from simple B2C transactions, loyalty transactions (via points) to B2B marketplaces with a multitude of suppliers fulfilling orders.

Key Benefits To Your Organisation

Sitecore OrdercCloud offers many benefits to organisations that include flexibility, agility, customisation and scalability to enhance commerce operations which in turn can help organisations reach their business goals faster.

Marketing and Sales Technology and Operations
Grow Revenue
  • Drive meaningful omni-channel buying experiences for all customer types
  • Improve brand awareness and repeat purchases by delivering personalised content
  • Create a commerce experience with agility and speed
  • Remove the need for numerous expensive internal and external systems with one single platform
Streamline Processes
  • Eliminate manual ordering
  • Consolidate sales data for better forecasting capabilities
  • Rid yourself of the complex, arduous upgrade cycles and associated costs.
  • Use a single source of truth for order data and streamline order processing and automate procedures
Best in Class CX
  • Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty from awareness through to fulfilment and post purchase
  • Future proof your commerce platform and respond to customer demands with accessible and actionable data

What The Experts Are Saying

According to recent IDC analysis reports for B2B and B2C Digital Platforms for MidMarket Growth, Sitecore has been recognised as a category leader for both B2B and B2C Digital Commerce.

IDC highlights that Sitecore Commerce solution stands out as the go-to platform for brands seeking flexibility and customer centricity, particularly those focused on agility, AI, data-driven strategies and experience led commerce.

These recognitions underscore Sitecore's commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital commerce space.

IDC analysis reports for B2B
IDC analysis reports for B2C

Transform your Commerce Capabilities

Discover how Sitecore OrderCloud can transform your commerce capabilities - book a demo with us today.

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