Create a Sustainable Content Strategy

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and (Refine)

Content used in any campaign or marketing activity is a means to build relationships with your customer. To show them your expertise, to build your credibility and to elevate your brand.

If the content is not right, not relevant, not consistent or untimely this impacts your customer's experience which can ultimately damage customer relationships and in turn business growth.

A strong content strategy with access to unified customer data, assets, operations and team will not only provide the foundation for a successful content strategy but will allow for sustainable content growth.

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The Three R's of a Sustainable Content Growth Strategy

The three R's work with helping the environment and it can help with creating a sustainable content strategy when using a content hub.

A content hub acts as your single source of truth for all your content giving you a 360 view of all your assets. Here you can identify any content gaps and easily implement the R's for sustainable content growth.

Reduce - this is twofold, reduce the need for new content and reduce the cost (time) of creating new content. Avoid starting from scratch and get content in front of your audience faster.

Reuse - you don't need to constantly create new content, reuse what you have and distribute through various channels. Having your content easily accessible allows for new ways to reuse old content.

Repurpose - a marketer's best friend - take your existing content and recycle or remix it. Turn your whitepaper into an infographic, takes snippets of your webinar for social posts...

We wouldn't learn anything without "Refining" or optimising, once there's a process in place for sustainable growth make sure you're doing a frequent health check to determine where there is room for improvement.

Learn more about creating a sustainable future in the "The Three R's - Bright Future of Content Strategy" quick guide

Create a More Sustainable Future with Content Hub

Creating a sustainable content strategy is a great way to reduce operational stress, save time and make marketing and content teams produce and distribute content more efficiently. Underpinning a great process is using the right technology and content hub. Sitecore's Content Hub is an all-in-one unified platform for planning, managing, automating and delivering content at scale.

With a single, collaborative user experience for all content stakeholders, Sitecore Content Hub not only streamlines the process of creating and distributing content but also improves the consistency of delivered experiences by eliminating duplicate work and increasing opportunities for content reuse.

Download The Three R's - Bright Future of Content Strategy quick guide

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Switch is a Sitecore Platinum implementation partner. To find out more about Sitecore's content hub platform, that brings together powerful cloud-based technology to centralise content planning, creation, collaboration, management, and distribution, simply book a consultation with us today.

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