Automatically Synchronising Themes for SXA Sites

Is "import theme" the only way to update/upload themes in SXA?

Importing themes is easy. However, it would be easier, if the theme could be uploaded automatically whenever CSS/JavaScript is changed. And it would be even more productive / efficient for front-end bug fixing/debugging, as front-end developers wouldn't have to log in to Sitecore and upload files manually.

Well we have some great news folks, out-of-the-box SXA already has this feature! It's not been mentioned in official documentation, but it's there.

How do you enable the auto-synchroniser?

  1. Open the /Website/App_Config/Include/Feature folder and remove .disabled from the file named z.SPE.Sync.Enabler.Gulp.config.disabled.
  2. Update the config file for Gulp tasks, e.g. the ThemeRoot/gulp/config.js file as shown below.

  3. Run gulp.

After that, you will notice that all compiled CSS/JavaScript is automatically uploaded into Sitecore.

Tip: Disable optimizer, otherwise you will have to manually delete optimized.min files.

— Zhen Yuan

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