Maximise your Google Ads Budget with Detailed Conversions

Realign your Google Analytics Goals with your Google Ads

Ask yourself this: “When did you last audit and update your Google Analytics (GA) goals and do your Google Ads conversions align with these goals?” Many customers that come to Switch often have GA goals set up but either due to lack of internal skills or time, don’t keep up the regular cadence maintaining these important attribution metrics. Recently, we have been working in partnership with Pirtek Australia. Due to the lack of time and capacity within their team, it had been a number of years since their last major GA audit.

From our initial conversion with their team, it was clear that they had issues generating useful insight from the analytics. Within 10 days of working with Switch, GA goals and realigning their Google Ads conversions was implemented helping them realise immediate ROI and supporting them on the next phase of optimisation for their website..

Since 1980, Pirtek has grown to become the leading experts in ‘Fluid Transfer Solutions,’ covering 23 countries and 330 locations worldwide. Pirtek utilise a strong blend of digital and bricks and mortar to support their franchises and grow their customer base. During April 2021, Pirtek engaged with Switch to perform a comprehensive re-alignment of their Google Analytics goals and Google Tag Manager configuration, including a visual Google Data Studio dashboard for real time reporting.

For Pirtek to maintain their position as Australia’s market leaders in “Fluid Transfer Solutions”, maximising their digital presence and footprint within their industry is paramount for ongoing success.

Within the first few days of Switch’s review and setup of Pirtek’s optimised Google Analytics and Google Ads, the results became apparent. Cost Per Conversion was trending downward as was the Conversion Rate, displaying a near-immediate sense of value for Pirtek and allowing for an even greater ROI to be realised by their digital marketing department. By day ten the Cost Per Conversion was down 82% and the Conversion Rate was up 49%, adding a total of 30 additional conversions per day.

Date Prior to Implementation 10 days after Implementation Change
Cost Per Conversion $11.39 $6.24 $5.15 Decrease
Conversion Rate 6.85% 10.26% 49% Increase
Conversions Per Day 80 110 27% Increase

As a result, Pirtek are experiencing significant improvements in their ROI for Google Ads spend, from increasing their brand awareness to acquiring additional leads for their franchises’ across the country.

It’s evident that by assessing your organisation’s GA goals and aligning these with Google Ads, there can be a significant impact on your marketing budget, spend and ultimately revenue for your organisation.

To learn more about how Switch can optimise your Google Ads and Google Analytics simply contact us to book a consultation.

— Harry Hillis

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