The Unison of Platform, Partner & Customer for Success

In the late 90s when Switch was founded, we were just so damned excited about being able to step into the web as a new medium that seemed to change and evolve every single day. There was always something new to learn, a new design to try or a way to code something to make the experience of customers so much better. Of course, as we sit here now - we know that the early days of the web have spawned a great range of disciplines and a continuation of pushing those boundaries to deliver customer success.

Over those years we have been extremely fortunate to try and fail as well as to try and succeed. We like to think that the lessons on both sides of that ledger have helped us create outcomes for our customers (and their customers) that shape the very way we approach projects today. It has been that experience that enabled us to define methodologies adopted by our entire team and evangelised to our customers to ensure the delivery of successful outcomes that result in real change.

Ultimately, it is that experience that now allows us to modernise organisations faster and to deliver benefits as well as value rapidly.

One of the best decisions we made several years ago was to work with Sitecore. Early on, Sitecore in APJ was finding their feet as much as we were, but it was clear on a global scale that Sitecore had a vision to truly transform the delivery of best-in-class customer experiences. We're proud to have been a part of the rapidly changing journey that now spans their Experience Platform, through to Experience Commerce, Content Hub and Cloud.

Over the past 10 years we've implemented dozens of Sitecore projects across the pillars of their platform for a large range of verticals. Their powerful CMS was really just the start, it was the combination of customer data, analytics and marketing automation capabilities to nurture customers throughout their journey with personalised content in real time across any channel that was and still is the game changer for those organisations looking to deliver the best customer experience possible. Of course, the best customer experience possible is a very broad statement but ultimately it is the intersection of where content meets commerce with real data validation that results in that success. Personalised journeys that are also aligned with the next best action for that customer.

We've gone on to win back-to-back Sitecore Experience Awards for a range of categories including most innovative use of Sitecore, Fastest Time to Market, Digital Innovator and Omni-Channel Automation - Best eCommerce Experience. We're now a Sitecore Platinum implementation partner having worked our way to being of the most popular Sitecore agencies in APJ. And recently we've secured the coveted Sitecore Commerce specialisation, validation of our thought leadership and commitment to excellence.

Our journey delivering real and successful digital transformation projects for organisations of all sizes has been possible due to the strong capabilities of the platform, the forward thinking and vision of our customers as well as the peerless hard work of the Switch team. The successful unison in which each of those things work together is something that I will always be grateful for.

— Steve Nelson, CEO

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