A collection of thoughts from our talented team.

Knowledge, passion and leadership make up the Switch mantra. Our team of professionals share and explore new ideas every single day. Switch cultivate thought leadership through the countless digital transformations that we’ve conducted for our customers during their adoption of new tools and techniques. We’ve created this space to build a knowledge bank of best practice based on our experience to share with the business and technology community.

  1. 28 April 2020 · Steve Nelson

    Mobile Workplace for an Enabled Workforce

    Moving a digital agency to a full work from home model to deliver the best outcomes for customers is a hell of a challenge that we've been building for.

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  2. 27 April 2020 · Ali Danyal Syed

    A Project Managers Guide to working remotely in the age of COVID-19

    Exploring the right way of working remotely may take some time, as you learn what works, and what doesn’t, but this guide can help make working from home, work for you.

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  3. 2 April 2020 · Harry Hillis

    Little SEO Wins in Tough Times

    As Sydney, Australia and the world bunkers down preparing for COVID-19 “The Coronavirus!” I sit in my home and I begin searching for little SEO wins for my customers.

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  4. 18 February 2020 · Steve Nelson

    Switch Wins Sitecore Most Valuable Professional Award for 4th Year in a Row

    Elite distinction awarded for commitment and dedication to the Sitecore community.

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  5. 29 January 2020 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore 9.3 is here - are you ready?

    Everything you need to know about Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3.

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  6. 11 November 2019 · Steve Nelson

    Switch Announces Platinum Sitecore Implementation Partner Status

    We are very excited to announce that we have been recognised for our outstanding work by being named a Platinum Sitecore Implementation Partner.

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  7. 14 October 2019 · Nick Jones

    Customer Focus: How Headless Ecommerce Transformed Coates Hire’s Customer Experience from 9-5 to 24/7

    In our second Customer Focus series we talk to Digital Marketing Manager, John Hayes, to discuss how headless ecommerce has integrated into Coates Hire.

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  8. 23 September 2019 · Deanna Grindrod

    Women of Switch: Deanna Grindrod, UX Designer

    To celebrate gender diversity at Switch, we're kicking off a new blog series, showcasing the work of our talented female team members. This month, we sat down with our UX Designer, Deanna Grindrod.

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  9. 4 September 2019 · Nick Jones

    Content is Still King... and Other Stories from Sitecore Experience 2019

    If you couldn't make it (or weren't quick enough to snap up a ticket for this sold-out event) here are our top takeaways and key themes from Sitecore Experience 2019.

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  10. 14 August 2019 · Steve Nelson

    Attending Sitecore 2019? What Not to Miss!

    With just one week to go, we're gearing up for Sitecore Experience 2019 in a big way. We consider ourselves one of Sitecore's closest partners in Australia (with the gold certification, multiple award wins and MVPs to back us up), so we don't do Sitecore conferences by halves.

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  11. 31 July 2019 · Nick Jones

    6 Reasons We’re Attending Sitecore Experience 2019 (And Why You Should Too!)

    It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of Sitecore and have attended every major event and conference since the company launched in Australia... but those aren’t the only reasons we’re so excited to be sponsoring Sitecore Experience 2019.

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  12. 24 June 2019 · Steve Nelson

    How to Hold onto Your Values through Rapid Growth

    It’s been a big year for us, here at Switch. Actually, it’s been a big decade. Switch now hire over 40 super talented people and moved into our spacious, shiny new Hunter Street office, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

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  13. 05 June 2019 · Steve Nelson

    Top Six Takeaways from ADAPT Digital Edge 2019

    We were absolutely thrilled to not only attend ADAPT Digital Edge 2019, but take to the stage with our friends at Rackspace and Sitecore to present a 1-hour session on the theme of customer-driven innovation.

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  14. 08 May 2019 · Nick Jones

    Heads Will Roll - Why Headless Commerce is the Future

    The Headless CMS approach is not new; in fact, most of the leading web CMS providers, including Sitecore. In this article we take a look at why headless ecommerce is a match made in heaven.

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  15. 17 April 2019 · Nick Jones

    Making Conversational AI a Reality - Switch & Cognigy Partnership

    Our priority is helping our customers to create exceptional experiences for their customers, which is why we’re excited to be able to announce our recent partnership with leading conversational AI provider - Cognigy

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  16. Amazon Alexa
    5 March 2019 · Nick Jones

    Alexa - How Can I Use Conversational AI to Create Better Customer Experiences?

    We take a look at how voice and conversational AI is can change your organisations communication strategy.

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  17. 21 February 2019 · Nick Jones

    Customer Focus: How Tyreright is Helping Customers to Put Safety First with Flexible Payments

    We sit down with Dan from Tyres4U to get his perspective on the exciting digital transformation work that is taking place at Tyreright.

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  18. 15 October 2018 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore Symposium 2018 Orlando

    Despite the jetlag and haziness from a 25-hour flight, I was hugely excited to be able to attend Sitecore Symposium 2018 hosted in Orlando Florida.

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  19. 29 August 2018 · Nick Jones

    Headless vs. SXA

    These two technologies have also divided the direction of development approach, find out which one works best for you.

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  20. 17 August 2018 · Mike Kinner

    Sitecore XC9 Places Brands and their Customers in the Driving Seat

    With the launch of XC9 (Experience Commerce), the Sitecore Commerce offering has truly come of age.

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  21. 13 July 2018 · Gavin Brownlie

    Voice Search: Passing Trend or the Shape of Things to Come?

    Thoughts on our changing technology landscape as we go deeper into the Internet of Things.

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  22. 22 June 2018 · Nick Jones

    Personalisation Simplified

    Making personalisation work with the right tools, techniques, and planning.

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  23. 6 June 2018 · Shaina Koval

    Choosing the Right Prototyping Tool

    A look at how we chose which prototyping was right for us and our clients.

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  24. 5 May 2018 · Shaina Koval

    Crazy Concept Ideation with Crazy 8s

    We've adopted a new design sprint process for quickly generating ideas using nothing but pen, paper, and an eight-minute timer.

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  25. 19 April 2018 · Nick Jones

    3 Reasons why xConnect is a Game Changer

    With the release of the Sitecore 9 series, one key architectural change - xConnect - is going to drive the product to a new omni-channel paradigm.

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  26. 10 April 2018 · Chaitanya Marwah

    Sitecore 9 Dynamic Placeholders

    Sitecore 9 has introduced Dynamic Placeholders, allowing us to reuse sublayouts with different content.

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  27. 6 March 2018 · Zhen Yuan

    Solving the SXA Facet Filter Component Bug

    The SXA out-of-the-box facet filter component doesn't work as expected—here's how we discovered the issue and resolved it.

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  28. 26 February 2018 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore Cortex for Marketing & Analytics

    Switch are applying new capabilities for ML to marketing using Sitecore's Cortex. There are a number of articles online for system architects discussing how the process of modelling combined with algorithms takes place in Sitecore.

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  29. 5 February 2018 · Steve Nelson

    Sitecore MVP Announcement

    We are extremely proud to announce that Switch team members have been recognised as globally elite digital professionals with MVP appointments from Sitecore, the leader in experience management software.

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  30. 9 January 2018 · Zhen Yuan

    Automatically Synchronising Themes for SXA Sites

    An out-of-the-box hidden feature for updating site themes.

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  31. 4 January 2018 · Zhen Yuan

    Extending Sitecore SXA Search Results

    A guide to extending the search results rendering.

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  32. 24 November 2017 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore Analytics Setup

    10-step guide to tracking customer insights in Sitecore.

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  33. 15 November 2017 · Nick Jones

    MarTech and Your Customer - Part 1

    This should guide an organisation through the types of technology required for today’s MarTech stack and how the technology selection should be conducted in parallel to stages in your customer lifecycle.

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  34. 8 November 2017 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore Headless SXA

    A short overview of my learnings from the Sitecore Symposium conference regarding headless Sitecore and SXA.

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  35. 1 November 2017 · Zhen Yuan

    Spin Up Sitecore 9 Today

    Sitecore 9 has been released recently and one of the biggest changes is that Lucence is no longer the default search index provider. Hello SOLR!

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  36. 31 October 2017 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore 9 Rethinks Redesigns Marketing Automation

    The new marketing automation framework in Sitcore.

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  37. 19 October 2017 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore Symposium 2017: Drive your Digital Destiny

    Las Vegas, an exciting destination for the Sitecore annual conference. And it didn’t disappoint.

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  38. 10 August 2017 · Chaitanya Marwah

    Create Custom Sitecore SXA Renderings and Components

    We take you through the process of creating SXA compatible custom renderings, using a custom carousel as an example.

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  39. 30 June 2017 · Dan Jackson

    Sitecore Experience Accelerator

    We take a look at the fully integrated editing function that is Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) and discuss how we get the most out of both FED and DEV teams by having them work in parallel.

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  40. 26 June 2017 · Zhen Yuan

    Displaying Custom Facets in Contact Profile

    In our previous post, we explained how to create custom facets and store them in xDB. In this post, we're going to show you how to display custom facets in Experience Profile.

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  41. 19 May 2017 · Nick Jones

    Path Analyser Demo at Sitecore Trendspot 2017 Sydney

    Switch sponsored the Sitecore Trendspot event in Sydney this week, it was exciting opportunity for Switch to demonstrate the capabilities for customer experience optimisation.

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  42. 07 May 2017 · Ben Norman

    Sitecore Helix Workshop

    Last month we were invited to the Sitecore Helix Workshop to take a look at both the theory and practical exercises demonstrating the Principles of Helix. During the workshops there were some great examples and documentation that we've summarised for those looking to apply Sitecore best practice.

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  43. 06 May 2017 · Chaitanya Marwah

    Sitecore Search Faceting & Date Range Faceting

    Search facets help us filter the search results and limit the search results after running the actual search. Sitecore Lucene and Solr both support faceting. Sitecore 8.2 and some other lower versions provide out of the box (OOTB) faceting.

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  44. Example code in sublime text
    03 April 2017 · Sam O'Hare & Shaina Koval

    Progressive Web Applications: the Future of the Mobile Web

    Houston, we have a problem—the mobile web is too damn slow! Users have moved from powerful, always-connected desktop machines to mobile devices with slow, unreliable connections.

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  45. Gold
    13 March 2017 · Steve Nelson

    Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner

    Switch recognised as a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, delvering on the complete vision for customer experience management by creating solutions for complex digital marketing challenges.

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  46. Photo of office building at night
    8 March 2017 · Steve Nelson

    2016 International Sitecore Experience Awards

    Every year, the Sitecore Experience Awards honor Sitecore customers and their partners who thoroughly demonstrate how their Sitecore solution is delivering an outstanding experience for customers and their own organisation.

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  47. Entrance to Switch Office
    17 January 2017 · Shaina Koval & Matthew Yuen

    Keeping Your Site Healthy Part 2: Image Content Strategy

    Last time we covered image optimisation and the vital role that it plays in your site's performance. This time we will cover content strategy for your newly minimised images.

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  48. Entrance to Switch Office
    19 December 2016 · Steve Nelson

    2016 in Review

    As we look forward to 2017, there’s a little twinge of nostalgia as we look at the year that was in 2016. For Switch it has been a phenomenal year with growth in our team, new customers and challenges that we’ve nailed.

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  49. Man highlighting ideas on pad
    13 December 2016 · Shaina Koval

    Top 6 Accessibility Tools for Websites that Work for Everyone

    Accessibility matters. Just like the internet’s websites are many and diverse, so too are its users. To make sure that everyone can access and enjoy your site, no matter what hardware or software they’re using to assist them, websites must be accessible to those with different levels of ability.

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  50. Man highlighting ideas on pad
    2 December 2016 · Shaina Koval & Matthew Yuen

    Keeping Your Site Healthy Part 1: Optimising Imagery

    Images help support brand identity, convey information where words fall short, and visually enhance a site... humans simply process visuals better than text. Getting images right allows us to leave a lasting impact on the customer.

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  51. Conference Room
    8 November 2016 · Nick Jones

    Beyond the Big Box Store

    Tomorrow’s organisations are owning the customer experience. They are transforming to support customer centric digital practises that capitalise on new direct to consumer channels while maintaining established B2B structures.

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  52. 26 September 2016 · Steve Nelson

    Sitecore & NOLA 2016

    We usually associate Sitecore as the platform that delivers context and experiences to customers, so it’s little wonder that Sitecore Symposium 2016 was held in New Orleans, a city that’s all about the experience.

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  53. 21 September 2016 · Nick Jones

    Enterprise without Human Interaction

    For a lot of people like myself, Sitecore Symposium is Case Study mania where we learn how others in the Sitecore community are building their digital future.

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  54. 16 September 2016 · Nick Jones

    Sitecore Symposium in one word... Experience

    It’s all about context. We have heard it before but never has it been as accessible to marketers as it is now.

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  55. 16 September 2016 · Steve Nelson

    Sitecore Symposium 2016 New Orleans

    Sitecore Symposium 2016 has had an exciting start with a local New Orleans jazz band kicking off the event in style.

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  56. 9 August 2016 · Joshua Keefe

    Celebrating Success

    At Switch we deliver world class digital solutions for enterprise clients. Our vision is to be the most awarded premier Sitecore partner, Globally.

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  57. 28 July 2016 · Matthew Yuen

    Inheriting Projects

    At Switch we have been lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to inherit several projects over the years. In this article we have a quick look at some of the things we have learnt from our experiences.

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  58. 12 July 2016 · Nick Jones

    Personalise Your Online Customer Experience

    Recently I ran a workshop for a global automotive manufacturing company about personalisation. Working on increasing online conversion, we examined data which we could leverage to create 1:1 real-time personalisation.

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  59. 20 June 2016 · Nick Jones

    Demystifying Costs of Sitecore xDB

    Sitecore xDB is a no SQL database that lives in the cloud and gives your Sitecore marketing suite a facelift in performance and scalability. Sitecore versions 7.5 and above require xDB in order to leverage the full suite of digital marketing features…

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  60. 7 June 2016 · Matthew Yuen

    Working with Styleguides

    With the rapid growth and expansion of our team at Switch & Mattaki, we found the need for us to begin exploring options for styleguide integration into our current and future projects…

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  61. 18 May 2016 · Nick Jones

    Success with Personalisation

    Personalisation is the challenge and the opportunity. In environments that are globally competitive and economically conservative, marketers have to evolve their techniques for survival. And brands are winning…

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  62. 6 May 2016 · Kelly Brennan

    Contact Management in xDB

    With the introduction of the xDB we now have a usable, highly customisable platform for collecting and analysing user behaviour and data. But whilst the functionality exists in the platform, there are still a number of integration points you need to tie into to make your data correctly appear in reports…

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  63. 28 April 2016 · Steve Nelson

    Arnold Ziffel, Personality & Digital Success

    Arnold Ziffel was more than just a pig, as the star of Green Acres in the late 60’s and early 70’s, he showed that his human-like abilities and lifestyle meant he became a much love member of the Douglas family. His talents defied logic, yet his personality made him…

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