We’ve refined our approach over hundreds of projects across just as many clients, establishing a process that keeps you informed every step of the way and us delivering something special.

We pride ourselves on our open, honest, personable and transparent approach to what we do. Our dedicated team take great pride in what they do and delivering something that we can all be very proud of that makes a difference for our clients and their customers is what drives us.

Our approach comes purely from lessons learnt, things we've done really well in the past - others that could have been done a little better. It's how we improve and it is why we have a linear process for our approach, because we know what works and what doesn't.

Scope and Plan

Scope & Plan

Strong scoping leads to better planning, ensuring that all stakeholders in the project know what will be delivered and when.

Switch has deployed hundreds of projects across a wide range of industries, resulting in a refined scoping and project development methodology that guarantees the successful outcome of your project.

We’re big on communication during the development of every project, from the moment the scope of the project is defined to updates during development, it’s critical that you’re informed every step of the way. We’ve worked with teams that range in size and experience on projects varying in complexity to deliver a solution that ensures your customers have a great experience.

Our online project management software makes it super easy to see phases of your project, files, wireframes, functional specifications, designs, meetings and minutes.

Design and Build

Design & Build

With skills across design and build, our mobile first strategy ensures that the information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) of your project are absolutely top notch.

Our ability to translate your existing brand into a usable, responsive and intuitive design is crucial at so many levels but ultimately it’s all to ensure your customers have a brilliant experience online.

We know that design is subjective but usability and strong information aren’t - they’re essential. That’s why our iterative design process ensures that we hit the mark, every time.

Our industry leading designs are supported with standards compliant HTML & CSS, ensuring that your website looks great and works well on a wide range of devices.


Develop & Test

Our development process is underpinned by a focus on scalability, which matched with our testing procedure ensures bug free code at the time of shipping.

Switch has been delivering innovative solutions for over a decade. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, so we’ve got plenty of experience in defining the right solution for a whole range of different challenges.

Switch has considerable experience in the development of comprehensive content management systems that make your life easier, enabling you to take care of your customers better.

We take a personal yet professional approach to the development of all projects, ensuring we keep you across every milestone in the delivery of your project.

Deploy and Monitor

Deploy & Monitor

Critical to the launch and on-going analysis of your project is how it is monitored. We use several tools to ensure your project continues to perform at its peak.

The deployment of your project is easily one of the most enjoyable milestones we can hit for you and there is nothing quite like finally being live!

And just because we’ve launched your project, it doesn’t mean we ride off into the Internet. We’re there for full post launch support to ensure your project stays top notch. So not only can we design, build and develop your project, we can host and support it too, so that your customers always have a brilliant experience online.

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